The Northern Sporades

The Northern Sporades

This chapter covers the island of Evia, which lies parallel to mainland Greece (Locris, Viotia and Attica prefectures), the mainland coast from Cape Sounion (Sounio) to the Trikeri peninsula, and the Northern Sporades. The inner route up the narrow gulf between Evia and the mainland is the most travelled. The area has sheltered waters and many safe harbors and anchorages.

Along the east coast of Evia there are a few anchorages sheltered from the wind. Nonetheless, in the past, caiques bound for the north would take the open water route making for Skyros and then slanting NW to Thessaloniki. The return trip was generally down the inner route.

The prevailing wind in the summer is the "Meltemi" that blows from the NE. Like in the Cyclades, the "Meltemi" begins blowing in June, grows stronger in July and August, and dies down in September and October. In July and August it blows with a wind force of 4-6 and even 7 Beaufort on occasion. In the spring and autumn, winds also come from the N (NE - NW) as well as from the S.

There is great diversity in the overall weather pattern. In the Trikeri and Orei Straits (the Stenon Trikeri and the Stenon Oreon), winds are funneled into the channel blowing from E-ENE. During spring and autumn, a NW wind of force 2-5 often blows across the valley from the Gulf of Volos (the Pagasitikos Gulf). Southern winds may also blow in the summer months.

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The island of Evia lies parallel to mainland Greece.

Along with the island of Skyros, it is known as the intermediate ports between Athens and Turkey, since the classical Greek and Venetian times.

The "Meltemi" wind blows in Evia and the Northern Sporades during the summer from the NE direction. The "Meltemi" begins in June and dies down in September and October.

In July and August it blows with a wind force of 4-7 Beaufort. In spring and autumn it blows from the N (NE-NW), although it sometimes originates in S. In the Trikeri and Orei Straits the wind is E-ENE. In the Gulf of Volos the gusts are NW.

The average temperature in the area during the summer is 25° C -27 ° C.


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